DESCRIPTION: Nakajima B5N2 Type 97 kanko (Allied code name “Kate”) This profile commissioned for the author’s book depicts Type 97 (tail # AII-312), armed with one 800 kilogram torpedo, from the carrier Kaga on 7 December 1941. It flew during the first wave and attacked the battleship U.S.S. Virginia. The crew consisted of pilot PO3c Yoshiro Yoshikawa, observer PO2c Koji Ohjino and radioman/rear gunner PO2cTakeshi Maeda. Maeda is only member of this crew that is still alive. Only controversial topic is whether or not, Type 97 kanko (during the Pearl Harbor strike) were painted with a brown vertical tail. According to all my own research and comprehensive interviews with several Kaga veterans, there was no simply no reason why the tails of their aircraft would be brown. Furthermore, there are no period photos that depict Kaga’s Type 97s with brown tails. (Profile by George Zielinski, A.G.P.)
TITLE: 018-019