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Besides his love for researching and writing, Ron Werneth is a longtime collector of original World War II Japanese Naval aviation items and Vietnam era US Army helicopter artifacts.  See the photos for some examples of these items.  He is interested in the following items, please feel free to contact him if you have something to sell, donate or trade:

World War II Japanese Navy

  1. Original pilot’s flying gear including headgear, goggles, uniforms, navigational tools, etc.
  2. Original pilot’s and mechanics insignia including round ratings, officers curls, etc.
  3. Any shoulder boards/collar tabs with green or light blue piping.
  4. Original aircraft mechanics uniforms, gear, tools, etc.
  5. Wartime photos of Japanese Navy airmen, mechanics and aircraft.
  6. Original WW II era Japanese aircraft parts such as instruments, etc.

Vietnam United States Army Helicopter artifacts

  1. Original helicopter pilot/aircrew/mechanic insignia (both cloth and “beer can” DIs).  I especially like the 1st Air Cavalry and “Dust Off” units.
  2. Original US Army helicopter airmen/mechanic uniforms, headgear and equipment.
  3. Wartime photos of US Army Vietnam era helicopters/aircrew, especially the UH-1 Iroquois “Huey” and OH-6 Cayuse “Loach.”




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